Chef Justin Burdick

Chef Burdick is a Fort Collins native who headed west to work with some big culinary names - Mark Sandoval and Wolfgand Puck, to name a few - before returning home to help his family in the High Park Fire. He joined the opening team of Mainline, and was quickly promoted to Executive Chef. Chef Burdick focuses on creating an American Contemporary cuisine establishment based on quality products, ingredients and techniques. He's passionate about organic produce, and bringing products from local farms to Mainline. He hangs a pirate flag in the kitchen in an attempt to make it the "biggest, baddest ship" he and his staff have ever ridden on. All of Chef Burdick’s expertise and passion has resulted in one of the premier restaurants in Fort Collins.


Beer + Bites

Why should wine get all the fun? Chef Justin Burdick has been pairing beers with food since the 90s. Taste the culinary genius of fresh cinnamon sugar donuts & coffee ice cream paired with the rich, roasty, nutty Vanilla Porter. Or try crispy buttermilk fried chicken and waffles with oh-so-creamy Oatmeal Stout. YUM.